🎨Flat Money Brand Kit

The following page consists of Assets, guidelines and available usage of our content for public use. including partnerships and collaberations with Flat Money

Our Assets & Guidelines

Depending on the context, especially when the full name isn't explicitly mentioned, it may be preferable to utilize the full wordmark version of the logo for optimal clarity. Only use the typographic logo in tandem with the logo mark on the same visual.

However, for applications related to tokens and social media, a chromatic version of the logo mark is recommended, adding a vibrant touch to enhance visibility and engagement

3D Avatar PNG:

Flatcoin Word Mark.SVG:

Flat Money Word Mark Black.SVG

Flatcoin Word Mark Black.SVG

Flatcoin Logo Mark Black.SVG

Color Styles

The logo mark and wordmark can be used in the black or white version on any color as long as there is sufficient contrast (minimum 3:1)

Color Guides

The brand palette is anchored in the simplicity of black and white, fostering a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

These two foundational colors dominate the visual landscape, embodying clarity and timelessness. Introducing a touch of chromatic nuances infuses vibrancy and depth, elevating the overall visual experience.

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